Cleft Palate

Cleft lip with or without cleft palate is one of the most common physical abnormalities present at birth. Cleft lip affects the upper lip and cleft palate the roof of the mouth, and is also known as "hare lip".

Permanent Cosmetics can correct the shape of your lips and creates fuller looking, more defined lips without surgery. If you have a cleft lip, or scar, you can re-shape and color your lips with Permanent makeup. Permanent lip color in a completely natural shade can also greatly improve a cleft lip reconstruction, and lip lines damaged by disease or injury.

Scar Tissue

Permanent cosmetics can help camouflage scars caused by accidents, burns, lacerations, and surgical procedures. It also provides a more reliable concealing solution than conventional makeup, that may sweat or smudge off.

In a permanent cosmetics procedure of scar camouflage, color is matched to the skin tone and then applied to those scarred areas to match the surrounding skin. In some instances, the scar will actually seem to disappear.


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