The Method

LONG-TIME-LINER® Conture®; Makeup

What is LONG-TIME-LINER® Conture® Makeup?

LONG-TIME-LINER® is the world's leading provider in long-lasting makeup technology for Eyebrows, Eyeliner Lips and Medical Corrections.

LONG-TIME-LINER® Conture® Makeup is proven to highlight and enhance natural beauty, but also to conceal problem areas in the skin´s natural pigment.

Since 1987, Conture® Makeup has been applied to thousands of satisfied clients that agree - applying make up every morning is a thing of the past! The Conture® Makeup method guarantees precision, perfection and style, morning, noon and night.

Created in Munich, Germany over 25 years ago, the concept of LONG-TIME-LINER® began with the collaboration of leading doctors, cosmetologists, make-up artists and technicians. LONG-TIME-LINER® then developed the Conture® Makeup Method for a gentle and safe micro-pigmentation.

LONG-TIME-LINER® Conture® Makeup services are conducted with completely sterilized equipment and a one-time-use needle. The medically regulated color is expertly pigmented into the first layer of the skin, the epidermis. It lasts anywhere from 1-3 years depending on the individual's skin regeneration and can be touched, reshaped, or replaced with different colors. It can also be left to fade naturally.

Qualified Linergists® like Patricia Kerr, require intensive training and immense skill to be certified to use the method, device and pigmentation colours to ensure the finest level of semi-permanent pigmentation.



The Conture®MED 2000 device used for pigmentation has the highest standards of hygiene possible, as confirmed by leading physicians and medical professionals.

LONG-TIME-LINER® Conture® Makeup devices used by Patricia Kerr are tested by certified technicians at headquarters in Germany after every 500 hours of operation to ensure optimum functionality.

LONG-TIME-LINER® pigmentation colors are medically tested and certified. Each individual bottle of pigment is labeled with a tracking number to maintain high quality control standards.


The LONG-TIME-LINER® Method continues to invest in further improvements to micro-pigmentation technology. Since the introduction of the original ultra-fine pigmentation device 20 years ago, it has been consistently enhanced.

The new Conture®-Liner Duo device used by Patricia Kerr has a wider range of applications including two liner pens for a seamless and time effective procedure. This device is not only highest in terms of quality, but also in hygienic standards, as confirmed by many leading physicians and medical professionals.

PIGMENT COLOURS - Superior quality of pigment

LONG-TIME-LINER® Pigment Colours

LONG-TIME-LINER® Conture® Makeup pigment colors are anti-allergy tested, antiseptic, inorganic, of mineral origin and are MRI exam safe.

Conture® 2000 Colors are manufactured in accordance with the EU-Rules 93/04 EWG as medical products. LONG-TIME-LINER® Conture® Makeup pigment colors are certified and registered in conformity with the EU-Rules 93/04 EWG for Medical Products since June 1998 as inactive implants.


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